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    Petrified wood (or fossil wood) is the result of a tree or tree-like plants having completely transitioned to stone by the process of permineralization. Over millions of years, minerals crystallize within the wood's cellular structure forming the stone-like material known as petrified wood. The wood, no longer wood at this point, takes on the hues of the minerals that fill its pores.

    All our fossil wood sinks are hand carved from a solid piece of petrified wood, and will bring natural beauty and functionality to your bathroom.

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    Are you looking for a unique vessel sink for your bathroom? Look no further! If you enjoy the natural and authentic look of stone, we invite you to discover our river stone vessel sinks.

    All our river stone vessel sinks are unique in shape and size. There are no two alike. Each of our river stone sinks is cut and hand carved from a river boulder. While the exterior has a natural rough finish, the interior is polished for greater comfort.

    Our river stone vessel sinks will make a statement into any bathroom, whether it is modern, minimalistic or more classic.

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    Marble has been used in ancient Greece and Rome by sculptors and architects and has since become a symbol of refined taste and elegance. Marble is one of the most used materials in high end architectural and interior design: from floor tiles to countertops to sinks, marble is a natural stone that exudes refinement and is simply timeless.

    Our Marble Vessel Sinks come in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes to accommodate any bathroom style. Some of our marble sinks feature a polished exterior, while other are left in their rough, original and beautiful finish. Created under natural conditions, each marble vessel sink is different and unique.

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